Saturday, March 8, 2008

12 Secrets to a Powerhouse Newsletter

If you want to kick-butt on creating a powerful workforce or employee newsletter that helps reduce risk in your organization, here is how to do it. You focus on these topics:

Workplace communication: conflict, personality issues, dealing with difficult people, attitude problems, issues, and "ulterior motives", etc.

Worker productivity tips: time management, organization, setting priorities, procrastination, etc.

Family, home, and community issues: Consumer issues, teenager issues, family stress, marital and couples harmony, resolving conflicts, work-life balance, ADHD issues, etc.
Personal fitness and emotional wellness: Exercise tips, getting more energy, depression, emotional wellness

Personal effectiveness and goal achievement: planning your career, getting more done, planning for retirement, New Year resolutions, managing money

Team building: Tips on better meetings, reducing conflict, improving communication, about cohesiveness, being a team player, etc.

Improving relationships with supervisors: communication, knowing what your supervisor wants, completing assignments all the way, making an impression

Hot productivity and health topics: health issues in the news, ideas, and more

Stress management: ongoing tips, avoiding burnout, self-assessment,

Using the Employee Assistance Program (EAP): EAP education, confidentiality, what EAPs do, when to use your EAP. EAPs are powerful management tools that have extraordinary capability for reducing monstrous behavioral risks in the typical organization--but only if they are properly implemented.

Workplace safety tips and injury prevention: Avoiding short-cuts, injury prevention, thinking safety, building a culture of safety, more ways to think about safety
Customer service issues: attitudes, difficult customers, peak performance, staying positive, keeping customers happy, reducing your own stress.

Soon I will discuss how to grab hot content from your organization to create ideas for articles that eveyone wants to read.

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