Friday, March 21, 2008

How to Find Newsletter Content

One of the most difficult challenges is how to find meaningful newsletter content for your organization's employee or work-life-productivity newsletter. There is one axiomatic truth about this problem. The more rushed you are to find content, the more writer's block you will experience. You must create a system to have a continual flow of ideas. Here's how: Get one of those folders that has a about 10-20 slots. Name each slot using the catagories shown below in this blog. Then, get a stack of 3x5 lined index cards and keep them at your desk. Whenever you get an article idea, you will write the idea on one of these cards and through it in the proper slot. The more you read, the easier it is to find content for articles. You have life experience, and within this life experience are million ideas for newsletter content. The only problem you face is pulling those article ideas out of your mind. They way you are going to do that is by reading work-life-productivity material and freeing up your thoughts as you read it with the idea of writing about specific topics. For example, I was reading Workforce Magazine web site this morning. It's called As I was reading, I saw an article about the recession we are supposed to be in right now. The articles said more and more people are pulling money out of their IRA's to stay ahead. Bam! An article idea hit me: Write an article on what the long-term costs are for pulling your money out of an IRA. It could cost 10x to 20x what the amount is that is pulled out. So the angle of the article is not to do it, and instead who to talk to an where to turn if you face this dire problem. So article ideas will come to you as your read journals in doctors office, while you're in line shopping for groceries at the checkout counter, and "thoughts" that come out of no where while you are taking a hot shower. When this happens, don't try to commit to memory your article idea. No--write it down. If you don't you will forget, and you will kicking yourself because these gems are worth their weight in gold.

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