Monday, April 28, 2008

Big Topic Idea: Improving Relationships with Supervisors

If there is on malady employees complain about more than any other, it's the problem relationship with their supervisors. Listen enough to these complaints and you would swear the employee is never at fault for these problematic relationships. Indeed, the problems that the supervisor is out to "get them." Employees need ideas and tips about improving the relationship they have with their supervisor or manager. And their are huge payoffs for doing it, especially if it comes from outside or neutral source--your newsletter author. If there is on thing on my mind at all times with subscribers, it's pleasing top management. There are so many things top management would like to say to employees, but they would never listen. Most of it revolves around communication in the relationship with the supervisors, and much revolves around the topic of not see the world of authority figures as evil and corrupt. Harmony can be obtain with the immediate supervisor in many cases, and in most it is not the supervisor's fault that things have gone to pot. Here are a few topics I like to put in employee newsletters that pertain to this issue. These are from my E029 fact sheet from the web site:

· Improve channels of communication and increase frequency of communication
· Speak with your boss freely about your concerns
· Ask for advice about problems you experience
· Write down your concerns and share them
· Consider your boss’s perspective
· Use tact when discussing your differences

When having trouble working with your boss, DON’T:
· Jump to conclusions
· Suspect your boss of plotting against you
· Make unfounded accusations based on supposition rather than facts
· Speak while angry
· Remain in denial and avoid your boss
· Criticize your boss in front of others

Anyway, you get the point!

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