Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Demand Attention! You've Got Needs!

Listen. Don't let these workplace newsletter publishers push you around. The content in your newsletter has to reflect what's important and on-topic in your organization. You need the right content. But you purchased a newsletter that is provided by a vendor, and they can't write articles just for your organization without charging you, correct? WRONG! Chances are that whatever is bugging your employees or your work organization, is an issue or problem for many companies too. And any newsletter provider (such as yours truly), should be wiling to construct article content that will meet these needs. That way your newsletter is relevant to your employees and you'll get more kudos for meeting the needs of the workforce. Any newsletter publishing company should welcome your input! Frankly, I am on my knees begging for it. I wish more subscribers would tell me what's going on in their companies. The fodder for original content is beyond comprehension. End writer's block forever, I say. Give me your ideas for articles. Plus, let's face it, that way you will renew your subscription. It's called customer service. Are you dealing with a publisher who is gone in Bermuda while the staff does the work? Or one who does the work to make sure you can get to Bermuda and relax while you're there knowing things are taken care back home. There's a difference. Demand attention!

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