Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finding Good, Solid Original Content for Your Newsletter

How do I come up with original content for articles that go into my workplace work-life and productivity newsletters? There is a secret to it, and I would like to share it with you. I have written about 1700 articles for the workplace that help employees and supervisors, and my last best calculated estimate is that about 3,500,000 million employees read my articles each month. I guess it is possible that I am the most widely read employee assistance professional and social worker in the U.S. (I just thought about this for the first time while writing this - GEEZ!)

At any rate, helping people with a work-life article that is meaningful is not hard to do. That's more important than being first or last as an author. Articles that talk about the same old topics have always ticked me off -- you know, like eat these five vegetabless--the same old stuff. I want meat in my articles! So the topics must focus on family productivity and improving wellness, both physical and mental health wellness. Mental health wellness (some people call it right thinking) are really important topics for me. Anyway, how the heck is this done. Here's how:

If you go to your local library or the internet (sometimes I like libraries better because I get out of the office easier) and start searching periodical stacks, you will discover thousands of contempoary, timely articles in this magazines. Millions of dollars are plowed into these publications to determine what employee and people in general want to read. Pick up any one and begin to read any article. Keep a note book and a pen handy because soon the ideas will be flowing.

As you read any article, keep in the forefront of your mind what this article means to you personally, what is missing from the article, what questions does it raise, what more could be said, and who it could possibly help? Ask your self, what would be Part II to this article be if you wrote it, and think about the sentences in the article and what topics--no matter how unconnected they might--be pop into your mind as you read the article.

You could read an article about dog-grooming and as the brush strokes are being described, you may think "How much to dog grooming brushes cost and are some better than others?" There's your article: Dog Grooming: Don't Brush Off the Type of Bristles You Using - then talk about effectiveness, injury to dog, disease, and do some research or talk to some experts on the type of grooming brushes that best for which type of dog coat.

I think you get the idea. Jot down your ideas and you are off to the races with solid original content of for your em

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