Sunday, April 20, 2008

More On...Who's Writing Newsletter Articles Your Employees Will Read

Yipes! Never start a sentence with the words, "Have you ever wondered..." It's the sure sign of an amateur writer, but in this case it's critical. Have you ever wondered what degree of influence an employee newsletter writer has with your employees? It's a lot. So, what is the resume of this person? What is their experience? Are they cruising the internet for superficial content just so you can say that you have a newsletter for your employees? Or, is the writer using extensive experience to always go one step lower, one layer deeper, to find the unique and fascinating concepts within in any story that has not yet been revealed? Can the writer find that one issue so important that employees will grab it and run for a better life with it--changed forever. Employee newsletters can do that. But you have to decide that is what you want in your employee newsletter. Chances are that your employees deserve that much. Add customizable ability and you have a powerful newsletter tool working for your company. Information changes all of us. Make sure your employee newsletter can change and enhance your employees' lives. our company will reap the rewards. You'll not only produce better widgets, you may influence the happiness of employees in ways so profound, you change the world and never know it. Match professional writing experience with practical work-life experience of the writer and you will do your employees justice--and their families and children when the newsletter finds its way home. And it will.

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