Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Two Pages or Four Pages? That is the Question

Don't do it. A four page newsletter is trashed at the end of couple pages. Why? Distraction of course. The sense of urgency to go back and pick it up after the distraction is over won't be there. New things are attractive, so any newsletter will be picked up and read, but how far employees get with the content is almost predictable. They may scan quickly for catchy titles, but frequently 4-page newsletters (usually distributed quarterly--and that is another problem for discussion.) get tossed. When employees get four page newsletters, the chances are that they are not sitting down in their living room with a cup of tea and a warm fireplace. Instead they are on the go--in the elevator reading your newsletter that they just grabbed out of their mailbox on the way out the door. You only have minutes and short articles, fewer pages, more frequently distributed are the only way to go. This is the 21st Century, not the 1900's. Time is a precious commodity and employees need the information fast. So quick and fast is where it's at. There are more reasons too. And I will discuss them, but right now you have to run! I will be here when you get back! See what I mean!

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