Saturday, January 10, 2009

Avoiding Sleepless Nights as a Content Writer

I absolutely hate to procrastinate, but I still do it. And I kick myself every time. Perhaps when easy-to-use resources exist to help you write a newsletter, it can become a curse. That's because you will wait until the last minute even more to write your newsletter knowing it's going to be easier. (The human mind is an amazing thing isn't it?)

Procrastination is about putting off the pain, and it can be so powerful that your subconscious mind will fight your conscious mind as you attempt to force your arms to move the keys on your typewriter.

So, here's a resource both to help you, while it offers you a curse of even further procrastination. So with awareness, take advantage of this resource. It's called

That's right, you've heard of it. It's the federal government web portal. Your tax dollars hard at work (some of them anyway) have produced a deep well of information on almost any conceivable subject. And most of this information is in the publican domain.

What's amazing is that information and documentation on this web site comes from a zillion sources, including local, county, and state governments. Do a key word search on any topic and you will discover information to prompt your articles and make life easier in developing content. Some of it can be used wholesale and without fear of copyright infringement.

Enjoy a peaceful night's sleep, but don't procrastinate.

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