Sunday, January 25, 2009

You Know Enough to Write Like A Genius

I know, it's hard to think of newsletter content for your workplace newsletter. But I would like to give you a few tips. #1 Rule in this game---You Know More Than You Think You Know.

I have written over 2000 articles for company newsletters. But how in the world did I do it? It wasn't easy figuring out how, but let me give you a small secret that will take a bit of burden off our mind.

Take any article in any journal lying around near you and open it up. I'll wait...............

Now, when you begin reading that article, do it with two minds. One of your minds is reading the article for its purposes. The other mind is reading the article for "ideas". You should freely associate with this second mind. As you do, ideas for spin-off articles will come to mind. Have pen handy.

Let me do this myself and I will show you what I am talking about. Please wait while I reach for the nearest journal (seriously, I am doing right now....................................). Okay, I am back.

Now, I am going read the first article I can find in this magazine from the Employee Assistance Professionals Assocation. It just came in the mail.

The article is entitle Responding to Workers in Financial Crisis (They probably got the idea for this article from me -- I just wrote 3 fact sheets on this topic three months ago and sent the notice to 1600 EAPs.

Back on track (I am a little ADD)...Okay, I am reading. The article talks about ripple effects in the economy and people losing their jobs. Bingo - article idea. What is the impact of the financial crisis on sleep problems. Wow. That's a biggy. And what do people do, and what should they not do about this problem. What's dangerous. What's not. Are they using Uncle Harry's sleep cure, or do they have a sleep disorder. Are they taking Advil PM that can give you a stroke or heart attack with continous use?!!

There's your freely associated example. You try it. See if you do not come up with wonderful examples that you can pursue on your own.

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