Thursday, May 28, 2009

Get an Insurance Discount for having an Employee Newsletter!

Come on, folks. Seriously, I am a little tired of property casualty insurance companies pretending they don't notice all of the things that companies big and small do to reduce their legal, financial, and behavioral risk and liability. By that I mean, where are the discounts off premiums and deductibles? Companies need to be rewarded and share the returns.

If there was one full-time hobby I could pursue with glee, it would be helping companies like yours get premiums reduced and other monetary concessions for using your newsletter as loss prevention tool that saves money.

An employee newsletter can be used to remind employees to use safety helmets, lift properly to avoid back injury, and not sexually harass the secretary. They can be used to encourage employees to get to work on time, resolve conflicts earlier, and improve relations with supervisors (and vice versa.)

It is a fact: The more information about safety and wellness given to employees, the better its effect on behavior. And a flyer in a information stand outside the health office won't cut it. An employee newsletter is the only way to go.

Employee newsletters can encourage employees to manage stress, calm domestic violence, get help for psychological problems, and intervene earlier with teenager troubles. Alcoholics and drug addicts to wake up in the morning ready to dial the phone number to the treatment center of their choice, but they do slowly self-diagnose their condition and then enter treatment when a crisis appears and someone says "go now!" (That's how nearly all treatment admissions occur.)

So what types of losses associated with the above problems are prevented by dropping information in the laps of employees in the form of a newsletter they can quickly read? Tons of losses. And these losses will never be known. But, let me say this: Insurance companies know they are making a fortune in reduced payouts because of their insured companies that focus routinely on these issues. And please, don't argue for a discount with a measily quarterly newsletter. Employees need monthly stuff. Short, sweet, and to the point.

If you decide to seek a discount from your business insurance agent, let me know. I want to start telling the world about it and put employee newsletters on the map, where they should be as risk management tools.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Intervene with Your Newsletter

Did you hear that the Obama administration is stoking the furnace at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) with the goal of going after businesses and industries that are continuing to ignore safety rules in the workplace? Oh, yeah, it's coming. Now, you and I both know that employees who violate safety rules cause accidents. But OSHA looks at reportable accidents and targets businesses for "corrective action" when they become aware of the numbers. Businesses get blamed, not individual employees. If you are not using your newsletter to educate and pound home the need to be safety conscious and follow safety rules, get going. The most frequently injured workers on the job in the USA are Hispanic workers. A big political payback is in the works and the legislation coming your way may be the Protecting Americ's Workers Act. This bill even includes new felony categories. Learn more by contacting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Appreciate your employee work-life-productivity newsletter. It is one of the cheapest forms of prevention you've ever taken for granted.

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