Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Do It Yourself or Hire a Newsletter Writing Service? Or ...

Doing your own employee newsletter is a nightmare, better to have someone else do it right? Actually no, it's easier to do it yourself, and it's cheaper. No, I am not crazy. What's important is finding the best of both worlds to accomplish this feat. You need everything done for you--definitely. And then you need to be able to change anything you want in the final product, and keep doing it if necessary. You should never have to go back to the newsletter writing service to make another change. A newsletter writing service for your health and fitness newsletter for employees is a great thing, but check out the options by Googling "editable employee newsletters" to see the options. There are few companies that will let you do this, but they are few. Do not subscribe unless they let you email them with newsletter topics you want them to consider. Also, make sure you can create your own look and get a custom nameplate designed. Make sure you can edit your newsletter in MS Word or another program like MS Publisher. Find these options, and your weekends of struggle to get a newsletter written are over.

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