Saturday, August 29, 2009

Go for Short Articles

It seems people are in such a rush all the time. To some extent it is true, and it is necessary. Financial security is guaranteed by no company as it nearly was by so many in prior decades. This concern about the future, combined with rapid-fire messages fueling consumerism drives society to work hard, faster, and participate in an ever increasing, multi-tasking world.

The introduction above to this post is the rationale for having only short articles in your employee or company newsletter. When I author articles for newsletters, they are 72 to 228 words in length. That's pretty punchy. But what I have discovered, is that employees prefer short over long. With short articles, you can communicate the essentials, and because the reader can see who short the article is, will be drawn to read it completely.

When employees see long articles, with narratives that drone on, they mentally reject reading them. Make your articles short, and you will help your employees more.

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