Thursday, November 12, 2009

Maximizing the Power of Company Newsletters

Most organizations of any appreciable size have an internal house newsletter. Are you mentioned in it every once in a while? Better yet, do you answer specific questions employees have about EAPs, or even discuss certain personal problems that might attract employees to inquire further about the chosen topic? One of the most powerful utilization techniques we've tried is encouraging employees to call us and request handouts on popular topics we offer for free. Recently we offered a handout called "13 Ways of Getting to Work on Time". The phone rang off the hook. These callers can translate into EAP referrals and boost your utilization rate. In addition, placing an article of this type in your company or corporate customer's newsletter has high value for its editor who has the singular mission of encouraging employee readership. Plus, these editors are frequently starved for content, making it likely they will accept virtually anything you have to offer that's reasonable. Consider different topics that you might insert in such newsletters. Come up with one for every issue. Here are a few topics to get you started: 14 Sure-Fire Ways to Organize the Top of Your Desk; 15 Ways to Use A Kitchen Timer to Make Your Life Happier; "The Care and Feeding of Teenagers: 10 Parent Tips"; "Care-givers for the Elderly: Ten Stress Management Tips" You can easily develop handouts like these by looking in the literature sitting on the shelf in your EAP office, or contactin local associations that devote themselves to specific human problems like the eldercare example above. You will soon train employees to look for things for free, and with such familiarity, will come a "de-mystification" of the EAP. This will make it more likely that employees will call when they have personal problems. This type of promotion is called increasing "top-of-mind" visibility.

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