Sunday, December 6, 2009

Less is More: How to Get Your Employee Newsletter Read

I am guessing that you're pretty good at arithmetic. So, let's have a little math test. What is the increased percentage in the amount of readable content in an employee newsletter that is two pages sent monthly versus a four pages sent quarterly. Music please...

The answer is 50%. Employees will have 50% more content to read per year with 24 pages corporate wellness newsletter delivered in monthly 2-page bites versus a quarterly 4-page newsletter corporate wellness newsletter equal to 16 total pages delivered to them during the year. 16 pages + 8 Pages = 24. 50% more. 16:8

Surprised? Okay, next quiz. Which of these two types of newsletters is most likely to be completely read? Same Jeopardy music please.

I don't have arithmetic or social proof, but I believe the monthly, 2-page newsletter will more likely be completely read by employees. Do you think that I am right about this? I bet you do agree. Think about it. Frequency versus quantity. Less versus more?

The logic is this. The competition your newsletter faces is time. Four page newsletters are at greater risk for not being read because either employees don't have the time to read them, or the opportunity to be distracted is ever present.
It's that simple.

But here is the key issue. You have more efficiency with a 2-page newsletter and because employees are more likely to read two pages versus four pages, the newsletter can do more good. (Now we are getting someplace in this discussion.)

Quarterly newsletter with four pages each do not provide enough frequency to promote an EAP or other helping program. Why show up only quarterly with a folded 4-page newsletter, when employees need much more of a continual stream of information than that to help them deal with all the problem they face?

Now, how do you feel about quarterly, four page newsletters? Click here to get a brochure about FRONTLINE EMPLOYEE EAP NEWSLETTER or here to learn about WORKLIFE EXCEL (essentially the same newsletter, but with more "corporate appeal". You know, the kind of newsletter you send to "the Board".

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get a Super Looking Nameplate for Your Newsletter

Let's face it, looks do matter. You may have a great newsletter with super articles, but you really need to get your appearance spruced up. Let me recommend a couple options that can save you hundreds of dollars.

In my last post, I forgot to mention a web site called It is the crossroads of the world for people who want to buy services of all kinds and people looking to sell them. From legal help to number crunching, from data entry to graphic artists. You name it, it's at You can have 20 bidding on producing an outstanding nameplate for your employee newsletter within 24 hours, and they will be so polished and amazing that you won't know who to pick. And, best of all, the prices will be fantastically low.

I found such a guy by the name of Joe Richards. He now works for me producing great nameplates for FrontLine Employee subscribers. Would you like to see one? Click here. How much?

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