Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Get a Super Looking Nameplate for Your Newsletter

Let's face it, looks do matter. You may have a great newsletter with super articles, but you really need to get your appearance spruced up. Let me recommend a couple options that can save you hundreds of dollars.

In my last post, I forgot to mention a web site called Elance.com. It is the crossroads of the world for people who want to buy services of all kinds and people looking to sell them. From legal help to number crunching, from data entry to graphic artists. You name it, it's at Elance.com. You can have 20 bidding on producing an outstanding nameplate for your employee newsletter within 24 hours, and they will be so polished and amazing that you won't know who to pick. And, best of all, the prices will be fantastically low.

I found such a guy by the name of Joe Richards. He now works for me producing great nameplates for FrontLine Employee subscribers. Would you like to see one? Click here. How much?

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