Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Get the Alcoholism Thing Right

If you author a workplace wellness newsletter or an employee fitness bulletin, you will someday, if not already, have the urge to write about alcoholism.

Don't think that this will be an easy scrabble. The economics and politics of alcoholism diagnosis, causation, treatment, and ongoing recovery are profound and convoluted. You must be prepared to have your worksite health program or corporate wellness services come under heavy scrutiny for discussing alcoholism in way that runs counter to the beliefs of others will feel affronted by your educational presentation--that at least for several hours or days cause the house of cards many addicts live atop, to come tumbling down. Count on whatever you say not being in conformance with many people's false, yet with a death grip held, beliefs.

But as much of a snarl as has been made over this biological, genetically induced, non-equal opportunity, chronic disease -- there is an answer and a clear cut way to explain it in a precise and inerrant manner.

Go to the American Medical Society on Addiction Medicine's Web site. The reason that you have never heard of this organization, despite the fact that its 4000 members are the world's foremost authorities on the nature and treatment of addictive disease, is because science flies in the face of the popular culture.

ASAM's strong position on alcoholismt does not serve many powerful economic interests that benefit from servicing alcoholics with completely bogus explanations of alcoholism that under gird their so-called treatment or beneficent activities.

The bottom line is that you must abandon your personal opinions and almost certain false beliefs about what alcoholism is in favor of facts. You will find everything you need at ASAM.org.

You will undoubtedly learn something magnificently new that will allow you to explain this disease to your readers. Almost no article you can possibly write will have as much of an impact in helping many and upsetting just as many.

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