Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Preventing Workplace Violence and Other Critical Education

Struggling for employee newsletter ideas? If you write a newsletter for your company, pay attention to the news. When an some extraordinary incident occurs such as workplace violence, or a tragedy like an earthquake happens, experts will come on television or radio to be interviewed by media professionals. At these times, you will be handed free newsletter content

These conversations will allow you to capture highly relevant and rich information orally presented by these experts that you can use in meaningful articles to help employees live better lives. Let me give an example.

The Hunstville Alabama female college professor who gunned down her faculty colleagues last week after being denied tenure, it elicited a string of media interviews about workplace violence. I learned several important points during these interviews over the ensuing days that I hadn't quite read or heard before. Bam! Employee newsletter article content and information for your story. One clear useful tip that "an employee who visits a shooting range" might be at higher risk of violence or "a belief that one is smarter than what what he or she is being given credit for by other people" give powerful clues to risk of workplace violence when the issues are examine in total. Make article hot and relevant, and do so by watching the mainstrea media news.

The point of this note is to let you know that their is information all around. True low hanging fruit. Go get it.

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