Monday, February 1, 2010

Stress Management Tips for Employees

If you are not delivering a firehose of stress management tips to employees, you are missing the most important part of your employee newsletter and its power to help employees. You absolutely must do it, and you cannot assume employees won't eat them up.

I am have been a clinical social worker and EAP consultant for 31 years, and I will confess to you that three days ago I was fumbling through a pile of papers in my office and saw a list of stress tips. One of them was, "take a hot bath". You know what? I have done that. So, I became motivated to try it. Of course, I cannot count how many stress tips I have used and tested, but that that one I have never tried.

It was great. I took that bath at night after everyone in my family was a sleep but as a employee newsletter article goes, do not assume that stress tips have to be complicated. Just make them keep flowing.Employee Newsletter I recommend.

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