Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Make a Newsletter Avoid the Pain

If you have been tasked to make a newsletter for your company with the purpose being to help employees with health, wellness, and productivity content, start with MS Publisher if you are not an expert in more sophisticated software like Quark, InDesign, or more programs often used to make a newsletter in many larger companies. Don't panic about design. Very simple formats can look quite readable, neat, and clean. Admittedly that sometimes templates look like you obtained them from your Microsoft Office newsletter software, so you may want something that doesn't look too canned.

Some of the most expensive newsletters are extremely plain appearing. You will discover eventually, that content is everything. Having great employee newsletter ideas and employee newsletter topics that appeal to your workforce, and you put your newsletter on a cocktail napkin, and they would read it. A couple hints. Only use two types of fonts in your newsletter, and their bold and non-bold types. That's four visual differences in fonts. Choose another readable font for the body (the articles) and you now have a good balanced approach to make a newsletter look great. One of the easiest ways to have your own newsletter is to examine FrontLine Employee. The publication is completely editable and you can manipulate anything in it. The format is clean, simple, and it is so well accepted that the States of Ohio, Washington, and Tennessee use if or their employees. Don't underestimate simplicity. Success is attracted to simplicity, not complexity.

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