Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do You Have An Internal Newsletter?

My name is Dan Feerst. I publish FrontLine Employee.

You might not have a solid employee newsletter, and because of that have communication problems and a lot unaddressed risks that newsletters help resolve.

FrontLine Employee is 100% customizable in MS Publisher or MS Word. It’s professionally written by licensed mental health professionals with 25 years minimum workplace experience, and it is completely unique. Nothing compares to it.

Four million employees read FrontLine Employee. Hundreds of employers subscribe, and that includes the HR departments of Tennessee, Ohio, and Washington states.

Helping overstressed employees and their family members, and reducing risk to employers inspired me to create this newsletter. Specifically, I wanted to write shorter, more useful, and punchier articles with plenty of how-to’s, tips, and action steps employees could sink their teeth into. Why? To help them and reduce workplace risk.

With FrontLine Employee, you edit or add anything you like “on the fly”. Do nothing—or insert your own articles, add photos of your staff, place it on your website, email it to employees, or send it home to family members. I am talking full control.

You can do ANYTHING with FrontLine Employee (except give it other companies). 

You can change the name of the newsletter, too if you like. Instantly you have your own customized newsletter that maximizes internal communication.

Do These “Behavioral Risk Exposures” Loom?

During the year, I target and discuss stress management, family wellness, nutrition, workplace communication, conflict resolution, improving productivity, improving relationships, dealing with difficult people, improving morale, staying safe, preventing injuries, getting help for personal problems, and improving one’s relationship with the boss!

Get this: You can email “” and suggest topics. What articles ideas will help your employees? Let me know! I use 95% of suggestions.

FrontLine Employee allows you—perhaps for the first time—to have your own personalized, monthly internal newsletter with none of the hassles. Subscribers love this!

No Invoice for Two Months

There is no risk to this offer whatsoever. You will get two or three issues before you see an invoice. You will quickly see the impact of FrontLine Employee and how beautifully it works for your company. You’ll also see that employees love it.

But don’t worry, if you don’t wish to continue, simply cancel. However, I don’t think you will want to cancel. Employees will fall in love with FrontLine Employee and it will solve your lack of having a great internal communication and wellness newsletter.

Phone My Cell: 843-367-0920 or click here to load brochure


Daniel Feerst, LISW, Publisher

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