Thursday, December 30, 2010

Writer's Block Obliteration & Destruction Tip #1

Okay here's the first of many ideas for you about how to break the dreaded writers block. Try the "Syncopated Walk":

How to do it:
Take a small notebook and pen with you and set out on a walk. Try to take a path you have never been down before, so that the sights will be fresh and different. Observe as you go, and every five minutes, stop to write something—anything—down. When you return to your workspace, use the most intriguing material to get you started on something bigger. Click here to get a free fax-back brochure for FrontLine Employee, the only fully editable, reproducible, web-usable, re-nameable, customizable, employee wellness and company communication newsletter in existence. You company newsletter is made easier by having super employee newsletter articles read to use or edit. And you can also get your own employee newsletter name and employee newsletter template.

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