Friday, April 8, 2011

Writer's Block Obliteration Tip #5

Clean out a tin can and remove the label, then fill it with slips of paper containing words or phrases relevant to what you're writing. When you're feeling stuck, choose a slip at random and start writing down everything that comes to mind when you think of that word or phrase. Combine phrases if you get stuck, or just draw another one and keep going. Have other people contribute to the can for extra randomness! Also, your employee newsletter can of ideas should sit where people can drop in words, phrases, other more developed ideas. Put this can on your desk, in the hallway outside your door, or in the break room. Yes, you will get the weirdos dropping inappropriate things in this receptacle, but hang in there. Relief is on the way. For a free trial to FrontLine Employee, a completely editable newsletter (rename-able too) go to FrontLine Employee Free Trial

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