Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Writers Block Obliteration Tip #6: Little List Book

Purchase a notebook that you keep solely for writing lists when you're suffering from writer's block. Pick something special that you won't accidentally mistake for a work notepad. When you're feeling stuck writing your employee newsletter scribble down a list about the first thing that comes to mind—anything from "what I dreamed about last night" to "goals for this year." Write entries until you've exhausted the topic. Now for each item on the list go through the following steps: Ask what, why, who, when, who, where, which and apply these words to each item on the list to see what emerges. For example, let's list called "list of my mistakes to learn from" pops into your mind. Apply the word "How" might give you "How and what should we do to learn from our mistakes". There's an article: How to Learn from a Mistake. And, here is what I actually wrote:

Everyone makes mistakes. Big or small, they’re instant stressors. The key is to minimize their negative impact and learn from them. First, you must own your missteps. You can’t learn from something that you can’t admit happened. Next, guard your mental health like a watch dog and let go of your feelings of guilt and shame. Analyze the situation rationally to understand what went wrong and how you can do better. Lastly, seek out advice, training, and support as needed.

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