Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Writer's Block Obliteration Tip #10: Poetic Presentation

Find a poem (there are lots online if you aren't near a book) and choose a line at random. You can use a number generator if you don't trust yourself to randomly choose a line. Put that line at the top of your page and imagine it is the theme or title of a presentation you are handling at work. Now, write the speech you would give if that were the title you planned to announce to your audience. Did you know your company newsletter is a powerful tool to change behaviors that will positively influence the bottom line of your organization? That is because your employees are a captured audience (in a positive way). They will read almost anything you put in front of them that does not have anything to do with work. Your newsletter can influence better parenting, coming to work on time, reducing waste, and decreasing conflicts. It all depends on what you put in the newsletter. Here, try this for example. It's a free trial to an editable newsletter called FrontLine Employee:

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