Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Writer's Block Obliteration Tip #11: Backwards Progress

Start your day's writing with the last sentence of what you want to have written; this will give you a clear destination as you inch towards your goal.  If you get stuck, write the second-to-last sentence, and so on, until you meet in the middle.  You may want to write your entire piece backwards, if you find out this flows more easily for you.  However, you'll want to go back and revise afterwards, because the language will sound very different when read forward than when you wrote it backwards. Would like to have your own newsletter for your company or workplace? Well, finally you get a newsletter--easily. And it's your own. Watch your internal communication improve overnight. Also, get your life back! No more lost weekends, deadline pressures, or doing the newsletter "after hours".  It's complete upon arrival, but editable. Go to http://workexcel.net/FE/fe-trial-request.html

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