Monday, May 21, 2012

Writer's Block Obliteration Tip #13: Commercial Ending

Watch an advertisement on TV and pay close attention to the ending.  Write what would happen next if you were in charge of the campaign, and use the ideas you generate as starting points for what you were stuck on.  If you're feeling really ambitious, combine two commercials and start at the place where they would collide.  You can use this as a way to brainstorm advertising campaigns of your own, or just as a way to get your muse moving. Imagine this---getting original employee-focused, workplace wellness AND productivity content for your newsletter written by licensed mental health professionals with extensive workplace experience with articles that address communication, solving employee problems, reducing conflicts, substance abuse, absenteeism, violence, crises, dealing with difficult people, stress management, elder care issues, improving the relationship with your supervisor, family problems, achieve goals at work, improving morale, getting to work on time, and hundreds more. Go to

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