Monday, October 8, 2012

Writer's Block Obliteration Tip # 33: Questionnaire

Write your piece as a series of questions that a reader might ask you, and leave spaces in between for you to fill in the blanks afterwards.  When you put down the answers, be as thorough and honest as you can, as if you were answering the questionnaire for a family member or friend.  Then use the material you generate to write the actual work.  Polish the language and tighten the grammar, but keep the honesty and conversational tone! Would like to have your own newsletter for your company or workplace? Well, finally you get a newsletter--easily. And it's your own. Watch your internal communication improve overnight. Also, get your life back! No more lost weekends, deadline pressures, or doing the newsletter "after hours".  It's complete upon arrival, but editable. Go to

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