Monday, October 22, 2012

Writer's Block Obliteration Tip # 35: Different Mediums

If you usually type, pick up a pen and write by hand.  You may end up with writer's cramp, but push past the pain and you'll find it's a very intimate way to write.  If you usually write by hand, try typing into a plain text document.  Don't let your fingers get ahead of your subconscious—find a pace that works for both your typing speed and your mind.  Changing the medium you're working in may stimulate a different part of your brain and release the writer's block.Imagine this---getting original employee-focused, workplace wellness AND productivity content for your newsletter written by licensed mental health professionals with extensive workplace experience with articles that address communication, solving employee problems, reducing conflicts, substance abuse, absenteeism, violence, crises, dealing with difficult people, stress management, elder care issues, improving the relationship with your supervisor, family problems, achieve goals at work, improving morale, getting to work on time, and hundreds more. Go to

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