Monday, December 17, 2012

Writer's Block Obliteration Tip # 43: Space and Time

Take a set break from your work, and don't think about it at all.  Keep your focus on other things, such as cleaning or maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished.  This may feel like procrastination, but if you have been staring at the blank screen feeling blocked, you aren't getting anything done anyway.  When you return from your break, your mind should be refreshed and ready to start writing again.  If not, give it some more time; it may turn out you work better on a tighter deadline anyway. Would like your own newsletter completely done for you each month? Seriously. And for one low price? Think up a title, give us your logo, send us to your website. If you have over 100 employees, we will create a unique and professional nameplate-masthead look just for you FOR FREE. -

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