Thursday, August 8, 2013

How to Do Know if Newsletter Content is Accurate

If you are purchasing newsletter content or an employee newsletter, don't be fooled by newsletters service providers who appear to have a medical director on their publishing team who approves content. As you and I both know, some doctors are not that knowledge about many topics. Alcoholism and substance abuse are just one example. The issue is experience with a broad range of personal problems. No medical doctor on the publishing board of a wellness newsletter is an expert on connecting families with home health care, intervening with suicidal persons, delivering postraumatic stress disorder intervention help, and the like. Who has the most experience in the broadest area of human and employee workplace problems? The answer is a licensed mental health professional with extensive employee assistance programming experience. That is what this workplace wellness newsletter is all about.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Next Staff Meeting: Generate Employee Wellness Newsletter Content Ideas

The next time you have a staff meeting, sent a kitchen timer for three minutes and brainstorm ideas for stories for your company wellness newsletter. If that works, you will come up with dozens of ideas based upon this discussion and these newsletter article ideas will be directly relevant to the concerns of employees in your workplace. Better yet funnel them to and get a subscription for a newsletter you can cal your own.

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