Monday, September 2, 2013

Approach Tough Topics with Your Employee Wellness Newsletter

Stop being all "nice" on topics of grave concern to employees. Regarding articles for employee newsletters, you must see good content but also impactful content. And this employee newsletter topic is a key example:  It's time to remind college students, especially girls, to be aware of date rape drugs and predator-like substances. They will listen to the employee newsletter before they listen to you!

In July 2013, 32 Styrofoam cups with residue of the date rape drug GHB were found in Racine, Wisconsinabout two miles from the University of Wisconsin. In June, a man was arrested in Williamsville, New York, after giving GHB to a college intern. In July, Canadian police in Alberta found 10,000 doses of GHB in a raid. Think twice before heading off to “raves” or wild dance parties, particularly at college. These events are ground zero for the use of predator or date rape drugs such as Rohypnol, Ketamine, and GHB. If you suddenly feel inexplicably ill or dizzy at a party, call for emergency help. Don’t take a drink from another person, lose track of your drink, or allow someone to go get you a drink. When in doubt, dump it. Learn more at In the search bar, type “date rape drugs.” This is what I call a good newsletter topic. Read more examples here in a complete kit on employee newsletters.

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