Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finding Great Article Ideas with ArticleBase.com

There are a lot of article directories. At one point, as many as 200 existed. These article directories solicit content and fight for rankings to sell advertising. The more content, the more traffic. The more traffic the more opportunity to sell ads. Well, two of my favorite are EzineArticles and ArticleBase.com. When I want to write about a specific topic, I visit these websites, and I search for the topic ideas. Sometimes, I do not know what I want to write about. In these instances, I may simply type one letter, say the letter "L". All articles that begin with "L" will appear. There will be hundreds, and more likely thousands. I then start scrolling the pages in search of ideas. Not content. For newsletters, I write original content, but you would be surprised at how many ideas can pop into your head by reading articles with two questions in mind: 1) What is the missing piece of these story, and 2) what other idea is popping into my head as I read this article. Try it and see. Start with the article I wrote at ArticleBase.com. The article is entitled "TWELVE EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTER ARTICLE IDEAS". You will get a ton of information. To make your job even easier, click on the FrontLine Employee link found on this page. Employee newsletters just got easier with this cool tip.

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