Thursday, January 2, 2014

Remind Employees about the EAP With Your Employee Newsletter

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Create articles for your employee newsletter that remind employees about their employee assistance program( EAP), if your company has one. Periodically, I author an article on confidentiality, how laws the govern alcohol and drug records are more strict that the laws governing medical records in doctors' offices, how confidentiality is the cornerstone of EAP success, and other content to convince employees EAPs are the "go-to" place for help with personal problems. You company may have been forced or accidentally made a mistake to use an 800# help line sold to it by the insurance company. If this is the case, remind employee about what an EAP is and also encourage supervisors (not a newsletter, but perhaps in their own publication (see FrontLine Supervisor) to use the EAP as a management tool to address performance and conduct issues with troubled employees. The loss prevention that comes from encouraging employees to seek help from the EAP is incalculable. The one employee in you company who would go "postal" may have a chance to get help if you encourage his self-referral for that anger management problem, conflict with the supervisor, or bullying situation. (Learn about Frontline Employee customize-able, Workplace Wellness Newsletter for Human Resources.)

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