Monday, October 5, 2015

Don't Use a Quarterly Newsletter in Your Company

Don't do it. I know, you think employees have too much to read. But you reject quarterly newsletters for workplace wellness tips and the like. Quarterly newsletters are an apology. They are tantamount to your sheepishly slipping your newsletter into employees' IN boxes. The "employees already have too much to read" is completely BS. It's an excuse for you're not publishing more often because you can't handle the workload. Well, there are answers to this problem that make publishing a newsletter brain-dead simple. Click here to get a free trial to Frontline Employee newsletter. The better way to go is a two-page newsletter send each month. Two page newsletters get read -- completely. Four page newsletters get unfinished, put down, and never returned to. Also, many have copy that is too long. Never write more than 230 words in an article, it will not be finished. Things move to fast in the workplace and people's minds. Also, one more thing you should know. A monthly 2-page newsletter is 50% more to read per year than a quarterly 4-pager, but guess what...the two pager newsletter will be completely read.

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