Sunday, December 18, 2016

Employee Wellness Newsletter Articles Must Focus on Productivity to Keep Management's Attention

Teach employees how to problem solve with your newsletter or choose other topics that relate directly to productivity. If you do not educate employees about setting goals, resolving conflicts, or maximizing productivity, your newsletter will eventually experience loss of interest by management. Your readership has many needs, and so employees may not stop reading the newsletter, but management will lose interest. This topic on how to be a problem solver is the sort of article title that management will pick up your newsletter to read. If these sort of articles don't exist, they will lose interest. Do let that happen. Meet management's needs with your newsletter because they will eventually stop funding it or maybe you.

So here some simple conceptual concept on helping employees become good problem solvers.You can drop a problem in your boss’s lap and let him or her figure it out, or you can be a solution-oriented employee. Here’s how to be the latter and win your boss’s heart: 1) Identify the issues associated with the problem needing attention. 2) Ask why these issues exist. This “why” is generally the problem, but asking why again often leads to a more defined root cause. 3) Seek information
and reactions about the problem from those most affected by it. 4) Formulate possible solutions, reflecting on the information gathered in #3. 5) Consider the pros and cons of each potential solution. 6) Make a selection, write it down, and present it along with the problem.

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