Thursday, January 5, 2017

Wellness Newsletter Articles That Work and Employee Newsletters That Thrill Readership

Writing wellness newsletter articles, and offering orginal content is partly science, partly art, and sorry to say it but partly a gift. A topic of interest must be used, and the reading must be fast, and the style of writing cannot put your readership to sleep. Here is how to put any reader to sleep--simply start an employee wellness newsletter article with this sentence: "Have you ever wondered..." This passive voice writing. You will fail to have employee read your content if you  if you do not pay attention to contemporary issues and find articles ideas that turn readers on. So, here's where to find content: 1) Newswise--subscriber to their daily feeds; -- see what is being posted and trending; the huge government brain of an archive that almost anything under the sun can be discovered; and for action oriented personal development content--everybody's favorite topic, go to and These resources are on our favorite list at but their are others.

Do your research then formulate your article based on the relevant information. Also meld in your own experience when posing questions and issues, and then answer those questions with real concrete answer and data from expert resources and academic research.

Company and employee newsletters are rarely meant to sell ideas to your audience, except in the instance of editorials that are discussed below. Rather, newsletters are comprised of informative tidbits for the reader to digest. The real key to a successful newsletter or article thereof, is active interest and engagement of readers. It takes relevant topics, new information, and exciting news to develop those things. Guest articles are a great way to engage readers even more actively.

What new information makes sense to be inserted in a newsletter article? And what is exciting to your reader? You don't need to research these questions before writing content. Here are the 12 items for you to focus and mix around:

#1: Workplace Relationships
#2: Worker Productivity
#3: Family, Home, and Community
#4: Personal Fitness
#5: Personal Effectiveness & Goal Attainment
#6: Team Building and Productivity
#7: Mental & Physical Health Education
#8: Hot Health Topics
#9: Stress Management Tips
#10: EAP Education for Employees
#11: Workplace Safety and Injury Prevention
#12: Customer Service Issues for Employees

I will discuss each of these topics in future issues, but to get started with your own wellness employee newsletter, go to's Frontline Employee or Work Life Excel

Discuss each of the topics above. Also, try dividing each the topics above into 12 subtopics. You'll discover it is much easier to write and research content this way, and you can also apply the what, when, who, which, who, why, and where to develop your article and not leave any idea that might be important, untouched.

Read the Readers Digest for about 15 minutes before you start writing and you will discover a solid way to put together sentence structure and write in a way that will keep you reader engaged. Watch out for big words with your wellness employee newsletter because you can easily cause your readers eyes to glaze over. This exercise with the Readers' Digest will also help you write with more sincerity and a genuine voice. In other words, you will develop a relationship with your readers that will become part of their routine.

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