Monday, February 6, 2017

The “Boomerang” Generation - Use Your Company Newsletter to Help Parents

Your employee newsletter is probably the most effective tool ever created to reach and help parents with child-raising or parenting issues. One of these dramatically difficult issues is the millions of parents struggling to help their children get on their feet with a full time job and get out of the basement. So, use this free article if you like with a small copyright mark and a link to [] You can also print our brochure and get three months free here. Check back at this blog again soon for another article.

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Millions of parents have at least one adult child living at home, and the number of empty nesters welcoming an adult child home for a temporary stay is growing. These adult children have been called the “boomerang generation.” Divorce, unemployment, financial troubles, mental illness and chemical dependency, and other problems help explain this phenomenon. For most parents, the goal is helping the adult child gain independence as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many parents worry about the meaning of “a temporary stay.”

If you have an adult child at home, or one on the way, consider the following tips early on to keep your relationship healthy and help facilitate a transition back to independent living: 1) Discuss mutual expectations, house rules, chores, and shared financial responsibilities. 2) Consider a written agreement on these issues and the length of stay. 3) Avoid the trap of parental guilt that can fuel a lengthier stay, financial dependency, and the avoidance of responsibilities. 4) If relationship conflicts emerge, talk to the EAP. Don’t wait. 5) The same goes for a substance abuse issue. The EAP can lead you to intervention help. Good communication, clear expectations, and a willingness to keep boundaries will help both you and your adult child look forward to a successful future.

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