Sunday, March 12, 2017

Employee Newsletters: The Three Great Stressors to Avoid - There are three hazards to creating an employee newsletter that you want to avoid. If you face any of them, then your newsletter for employee health and wellness will fail. The first is a relentless and pounding schedule of "Oh no, I have to start writing the newsletter again." If there is any subjective stress in producing a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly newsletter, that stress and anxiety will translated to avoidance, and it will eventually win over your ability to willfully surmount it. Procrastination will be your mind's solution for managing  this stress causing your distribution schedule to fail. 2) Time consumption searching for content. This is different than #1 above, but it adds to the global reason for failure as discussed. 3) Collateral duty of producing a newsletter, and the time needed to do it, will compete with other essential functions of your position. Again failure is assured. If your employer does not view production of an employee newsletter as the most important job you possess, then it will not get done. Click on the image to see a movie and path toward your solution:

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