Friday, June 23, 2017

EAP Newsletter and EAP Newsletter Ideas, Topics, and Complete Editable and Customizable Resource

Have you heard of this resource?

Human resource managers, EAPs, and employers of all sizes use FrontLine Employee as a reliable, on-time communication tool that delivers productivity tips, workplace wellness information, and the ability to add internal news (if desired) so the organization maintains an enjoyable, predictably read communication vehicle that employees enjoy, but also a risk management and productivity tool that earns strong top management approval.

Employee newsletters are powerful tools, but maintaining your own internal newsletter on a regular basis and getting it distributed on time, every time, is nearly impossible. If this task is assigned to an employee with other responsibilities, eventually you will observe that it ceases to continue. The chore is insidiously difficult. This is why FrontLine Employee was created 17 years ago, and why it is used by the U.S. Congress (both houses), the State of New York, many U.S. Army installations, universities, municipalities, hospitals, nursing homes, and other businesses worldwide. 
(Learn about Frontline Employee customize-able, Workplace Wellness Newsletter for Human Resources.)

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