Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Employee Newsletters -- Include Articles on Tips for Work and Family Balance

Achieving work and family balance is an ongoing process of juggling responsibilities at work and the needs of family. No employee is an expert at it. There is always more to learn. Every employee questions their balance at one time or another, so this topic is appreciated by every employee, and they will look forward to the next issue of the newsletter if you periodically insert content on this topic for wellness.

Discuss one key to success in work-life balance -- the ability to step back and periodically analyze how things are going. This is the #1 step in working toward and staying more satisfied with work life balance. Then, action is next -- making adjustments where possible.

So employees will appreciate the following help, and phone me or email me to give you permission to use this article free. 1) Work and family balance is a conscious decision. It doesn’t happen automatically. Understanding this can reduce frustration when you experience temporary setbacks. 2) Write down family goals. Family needs change over time. Opportunities to build a tree house for the kids or experience a new family pastime don’t last forever. Decide what is important, write it down, and commit to making certain goals “absolutely happen.” 3) Manage distraction and procrastination. Working long hours causes stress that sometimes finds relief naturally through workplace distractions and procrastination. If you are at the office for twelve hours, do you really work only ten? If you are searching for more family time, it might be found here. 4) Discuss family expectations and responsibilities. When one family member is taking on too many responsibilities at home, resentments can build. Periodically discuss family needs to gain the awareness needed to consider choices for work and family balance. 5) Be careful about justifying imbalance. At times, it is realistic for family members to recognize that your job will have to take priority. Use this rationale with caution so it doesn’t become a habit.

Employee newsletter articles must do five things: Help employees, help your company, and help families, provide help for relationships between coworkers and between employees and their bosses. This is the effective newsletter five pointed star. Add in your own company news and you have a winning combination for a winning communication program. (Learn about Frontline Employee customize-able, Workplace Wellness Newsletter for Human Resources.)

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