Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Fake IDs and Parenting: What's to Know?

If you publish a company newsletter with health and wellness articles, spend a little bit of space periodically on parenting issues. Parents stick their heads in the sand on many topics. You can brainstorm a list of these with your employees or just glancing an journals in a local library. Be sure to touch on the topic of Fake IDs.

Teens obtaining fake identification is nothing new. Although most states have made it more difficult to duplicate a driver’s license since 9/11, young adults can still purchase IDs that make them old enough to buy alcohol or get into a nightclub. What is new is that researchers have found that young adults with fake IDs are more likely to get into trouble with drugs and alcohol than their counterparts

What researchers found was shocking. Teens and young adults with fake IDs were drastically more likely to binge drink, smoke marijuana and use more dangerous hallucinogens and narcotics. A fake ID also correlated with getting arrested. An older study cites that 56 percent of fake ID holders used alcohol the previous week, compared to 14 percent of under-age students who didn’t have fake IDs. I have a seven hundred word article I recently published on LinkedIn. You will find it here. . . .But email me and I will send  you the MS Word document with permission to use it in your own existing employee newsletter. My email is

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