Friday, October 27, 2017

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I am the author of this blog. I post content here to help you, (you can get 30 articles with no need to mention copyright or supply attribution here for your own publication--click free preview button) but let me give you a direct sales message. Buy Frontline Employee. Let me tell you my story: I created this newsletter because I was in deep trouble promising my employer in 1999 that I could write an on-time monthly newsletter for Arlington County Government and Public School System. I couldn't.

I started writing it at home on weekends. Working at home and also going to work five days a week was a bummer! Then it hit me. I asked my boss, Dodie G. if I could continue writing the newsletter, give it to the school system, and sell to other companies like yours as my own product. She said yes! I couldn't believe it. This newsletter started selling fast. I obviously hit a nerve with companies nationwide because they all had the same problem I had.

Today, I am full time employed and work out of my home. I quit the job in May of 2002. (I also started a tips newsletter for supervisors called Frontline Supervisor.)

I now write content and publish products for human resource personnel and employee assistance programs. You can see all of the stuff I resources I produce for HR managers here.

This newsletter is the most awesome helpful product that I have produced, and it helps the most people--with about three million readers monthly. I have had paying subscribers from New York to Beirut, Lebanon. From Japan to Trinidad & Tobago. This product allows me to make a contribution with my education and background, so I get a lot of satisfaction out helping companies help their most valuable resource -- people.

So, because I am a licensed clinical social worker with 30+ years of hard core in-the-trenches experience, I still help people by authoring the content.

My back ground includes working drug and alcohol detox units, conducting sexual offender assessments inside the walls of maximum security prisons, critical incident work post 9/11 at the Pentagon, running internal, external, and contracted employee assistance programs, appearing in major television and news stations, private practice psychotherapy, working with schizophrenics in half-way houses, working in public outpatient mental health, guiding family members in drug and alcohol interventions with families (I still do that--see this orientation video), and dozens of other experiences.

I got my start as an employee for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. I am the first social worker--ever to be hired by them to work in their Office of Medical Services at Langley, VA. I worked with drug and alcohol addicted CIA employees. (There was nothing secret about my job.) That's pretty cool history for the social work profession.

The bottom line: Frontline Employee is the only Wellness Newsletter in the United States that is owned, authored, and published by a real, active, graduate-level licensed mental health professional with extensive experience in real world mental health and wellness problems.

I am still licensed in South Carolina as an LISW-CP. I have a BSW, MSW.  So who is subscribing to this newsletter after my authoring for 16 years? Subscribers include: the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives (yes, separate subscriptions), the state of New York, small and large companies nationwide, the Seattle School district,the City of Alphretta, Georgia, dozens of American health systems, hospitals, colleges and universities, employee counseling and employee assistance programs, managed care companies, U.S. Army installations, Canadian companies, and more.

Let me have you has a subscriber! can three months for free! I won't even bill you. You tell me later if you want to subscribe! Don't worry, you won't owe thing!

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