Wednesday, November 8, 2017

How to Find Newsletter Articles on Hot Topics

When I need to author an article on a hot topic, googling usually leads me to a bunch of web sites that won't do much good. What's better are news articles that are hours old or press releases that actually are meant to be copied and inserted into news publications like you internal company newsletter. Here are the steps for doing this successfully. There are only two.

1. Google the general term you are looking for. Example "Being More Tolerant in the Workplace"

2. Click on the news tab you will see at the top of the page under the browser button. See image below.

3. When you click news, you will begin to see very recent news articles, and even press releases.

Here are the finds. Try it yourself. But as you can see above, there is one that says "How to Encourage Workplace Tolerance." You can get your ideas there. Also, try "press release" (use the quote marks!) and combine that with the key word. Let's try it "Press Release" + How to Be More Tolerant of People in the Workplace ........and the results are below.

See the article on Neurodiversity. Wow, I am going to use this in the next issue of Frontline Employee (brochure.)This subject discusses people with different intellectual capabilities and cooperating with different levels of those abilities in the modern workplace. See? You have a nice path to a great article there. If you do not see a press release (ah shucks), simply create a quick outline What, Why, Who, When, Where, How, and formulate an article around it. You will do fine with just a little practice.

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