Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Help Employees Win With Their New Year's Resolutions!

True or false--employees who succeed with their New Year's resolutions will be happier and
image of employee on scale weighing self as part of new year's resolution t lose weight
healthier workers? Most people would guess true, generally. After all, it's simple logic.

So, why not help them by using your employee newsletter as a motivator? Of course!

Many people make New Year's resolutions - in fact 60-70% of people do according to many research studies. And for those that don't formally decide upon a New Year's resolution, you can guess that they thought about it, are thinking about it, or at least are hoping for something new and greater in the coming year. So, let's give employees what they really need and probably want--a better shot at success. Your company will reap healthier, happier, and more productive employees as a result. So, keep reading.

Personally, I like articles that delve deeper to give employees more useful content--tips and how-to's that they can apply right away and sink their teeth into the results. This was the whole point of Frontline Employee workplace wellness newsletter. That's what I promise you when you subscribe.

When it comes to New Year's resolutions, most people fail within a month or two. No surprise there. But the reason why is up for debate. After reading and studying this issue as a clinical social worker and health writer, I will tell you why: The reason is simple but insidious--I call it "inertia of non-attainment." This is a complex dynamic. Something you want and desire is juxtaposed against your experience at never having achieved or attained it yet. This inertia or experience, or rather lack of it, produces self-doubt. Simply put, it's not believable to the degree necessary to overcome the script of doubt and the negative self-talk scripts that bubble up from it.

When we try something new, we must fight our natural belief that it will be hard to accomplish or that risk of failure will may high. This mental preparation for failure is a defense mechanism to prevent the pain of disappointment. So, we tend to fight against our own desired pursuits.

This expectation or concern over failure, as natural as it might be, is a set up for failure. When it happens, secretly, we are not surprised. 

Employees or anyone else who desires to attain a valued goal is literally fighting their own negativity in order to succeed. To really succeed with a New Year's resolution or any goal that's new, valued, and exciting, one must believe in the certainty of the result. How do we get to this point. It sounds great. Imagine, not a thought of uncertainty. This is a tough assignment for one's mental willpower, but it is easier to implement than most people believe.

Here is an article to help your employees begin the process of sticking to their New Year's resolutions. You will see right away that it deals with scripts and subconscious mind in a way that penetrates these pesky things to help disintegrate negative scripts. That's the goal of this free article from Frontline Employee newsletter.

Click here to download the free article or copy the text shown below.

Title: Believe In Your New Year's Resolution

Text: There are many reasons for not accomplishing a New Year’s resolution, but one you may not fully appreciate is a lack of belief in your ability to be successful. You may want and hope to be successful with your goal, but a barely noticeable, negative self-talk script doubting your ability will make your goal elusive. Fight negative self-talk scripts, which you can assume will creep up on you, by practicing affirmations that inoculate you against them. An affirmation is a positive statement that you declare to be true and that you rehearse frequently in a manner that allows it to sink in. Think of affirmations as “software for your brain.” Assertiveness, determination, feeling that success is inevitable, quickly dismissing setbacks, and ignoring others’ negativity are critical skills in achieving any goal. A gut belief in your anticipated success, made possible by affirmations, allows these skills to carry you to the finish line.

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