Thursday, January 11, 2018

Reach Out to Families with Your Employee Newsletter Articles

From January until June, it’s a race with the family. There is only one break in six months until the end of school, so families are busy with life.

Consider topics in your employee newsletter with hard tips that they can use to help their lives be easier. Also, do not forget to mention the EAP or your company’s employee assistance program if you have one. So helping family members, and promoting the EAP can boost your utilization and program impact. When parents have teen problems, it is usually in the Spring when it gets warmer, and social activities intensify. This is when you will see more alcohol abuse, pregnancy, panic about grades, sports injuries, and life dramas. Here is an article to use. If you place this on your Web site, please give us a small back-link to

Home Stretch to Higher Grades

Four months down, five to go. Is your child on track for a successful school year? If not, don’t panic – there’s plenty of time to stage a New Year comeback. Your job is to provide coaching, encouragement, and some discipline. Schoolwork can turn into meaningless drudgery when it’s not connected to real-world outcomes, so tune in to your child’s emotional triggers and find areas of interest that you can use as leverage. Defeat discouragement by breaking up the remainder of the year into manageable, short-term goals that build to your year-end goal. Demonstrate the usefulness of schoolwork by showing how skills learned in school apply to your child’s hobbies or career interests, and help your child to recognize opportunity within adversity. Build good work habits by carving out scheduled study time in 30-minute blocks with a 10-minute break between blocks. Staying on top of daily workloads will help your child avoid the stress of last-minute cramming. Make sure your child has a designated work area that’s free of distractions such as television and cell phones. Use a planner to prioritize daily assignments. If materials have a way of getting lost, spend an evening developing a good system for filing and organizing class work. Step in if your child is spending too much time on social Web sites such as Facebook.

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