Friday, July 13, 2018

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Water Safety for Children
Ten people per day drown in the U.S., and 20 percent are children under the age of 14. More children accidentally drown in lakes, rivers, and oceans than in pools, with younger teen boys being most at risk. Don’t underestimate drowning risk by leaving children in the water unsupervised, even if they can swim. If older children babysit, be sure they are not distracted by playful peers or other activities. No money for swim lessons? Start with free videos easily found online that show how to teach your child to tread water. Source: Centers for Disease Control
Rationale for this article: This article will possibly save a child's life this summer. It represents the type of content your employee/staff or HR newsletter should include. Employee newsletters and staff newsletters always find their way home to spouses and partners. Hence, articles that reach out to help families with health and wellness also help employees. The life saved by this article will never be known because it never happened. So much in health and wellness and injury prevention includes this "you can't prove a negative" dynamic. No matter. Rest assured if you use this article that you taken a step to preventing tragedy. That should make you feel good indeed. Get more effective articles and let us give you a subscription to Frontline Employee -- America's only reproducible, editable, customizable, and re-nameable workplace wellness newsletter. Go here to get a subscription right now. It's free. You do not have to pay now. Pay in three months, or ignore th invoice. We're easy.

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