Wednesday, August 1, 2018

How to Write Employee Newsletter Articles that Employees Will Delight In Reading

When authoring newsletter content, you have to have a system for generating it. If you do not, you will put your head in your hands, rub your race vigorously, and bite your lip trying to generate ideas. Things will go slow.

If you repeat this experience regularly, even if you have a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly newsletter--it doesn't matter--you will ditch your newsletter eventually out of frustration. Authoring regular content is simply too tedious. Even I have a hard time doing it with a blog like this one because no one is paying for this content. It take more motivation.

That said, write these words on a piece of paper or a strip of 3 x 5 card.
.....or print and cut this list below. Paste it to the side of your computer screen like this:

  • What
  • Who
  • Why
  • When
  • How
  • Which
  • Example
  • Allusion
  • Simile
  • Metaphor
  • Resource Link
  • Try this
  • Learn more
  • Tips

Post these words where you can see them and they will keep you keep moving on your article idea--like you see here.

Does the title of the article that you are writing create energy -- mental energy -- good or bad that the reader is compelled to expel by reading further and learning more? This is critical.

For example, if I wrote an article and titled it, "Three Ways to Find 24 karat Gold in Your Trash Can Today!", you would experience energy, right? This energy is compelling and you would read the article to satiate it.

The above is an exaggeration of what you are trying to do. 
After reading your article title, a question should challenge your reader to explore and read more. This is a very important dynamic because you have to sell them on what you are writing and its significance to their lives. There are many distractions all around us and keeping your reader glued to the page is really an art.

I can honestly say we have accomplished this with FrontLine Employee newsletter, and one reason is how short and punchy our copy actually is. This is another secret to writing great newsletter copy. We keep the articles between 75 to 250 words. However Most are about 130-145 words. That's plenty to give employees rich content.

See the August 2018 issue right here.

If you can do it, create "How to" articles. The reason for this is, again, interest. An article with this title will have the most interest of all titles.

I really like the "how to format." This format can be created with almost any expertise that you have at this moment regarding a topic. If want to education others about anything you have great knowledge about, you can create your own "How-To" article.

Don't worry about your newsletter articles not answering every question possible. If you are short, punchy, but leave employees wanting more, you will come back to a responsive audience who will not forget what they read. 

Can you see why your human resource program, EAP or wellness center can benefit strongly from a company newsletter while you insert links to amendments that connect to wellness and other opportunities you want them to know about?

You do not need to be dramatic with your newsletter content to get noticed. Consistency is the secret...more frequency, less quantity. Hey, did you know that a monthly 2-page newsletter is 50% more content per year than a quarterly 4-page newsletter? But the 2-page r is more likely to be completely read. This is the secret to program promotion along with short punchy articles.

Can't bare to think or imagine writing a newsletter monthly. It is easy as pie with this product below because we do it for you. All you to is send or amend!

Get a nice download package of information about our editable newsletter, FrontLine Employee is found here

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