Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Holiday Article to Encourage Employees to Reach Out for Help

Employee newsletters should mention coping strategies for dealing holiday stress. Don't be
employee newsletter article on beating the holiday blues free newsletter article
fooled though. Many sad and depressed people like the holidays because it offer activity and distraction, although loss may still be an issue that creates stress and sadness during this time of year. Here is a free article for your employee newsletter. Does you company have an EAP or an EAP-like service, then always mention it. This is a risk issue to help you employees who are depressed, suicidal, or at risk for other sorts of problems like alcohol and drug addiction relapse.

Free Article for Your Newsletter

Bracing for Holiday Blues

The holidays are supposed to be a time for joy and celebration – full of wonderful foods, social occasions, religious and spiritual enrichment, or just plain fun. However, many people experience holiday blues. Are you one of them? One common complaint of those who suffer from this form of depression or period of sadness is their awareness of the expectations surrounding the season and their inability or lack of desire in meeting those expectations. Personal health, relationship issues, past losses, isolation, financial circumstances, and pure stress of the season can contribute to these holiday blues. The company employee assistance program or a counseling service in your community can see you temporarily to give you support during this time. Your insurance may help pay for such services. Ask about group counseling support. It's often the best kind because others who seek to conquer similar challenges can often generate powerful solutions with the mastermind effect found in the group work experience. If all else fails, don't suffer in silence. Instead, Google "holiday blues solutions" for a ton of ideas on beating the season's impact on your happiness or mood.

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